F1 design genius Adrian Newey has drawn a stark contrast between the 'superhuman' spectacle put on by MotoGP riders and the new energy-efficient Formula One cars.

Newey told The Telegraph: "If you watch a sport - it doesn't matter what sport - you want to come away with a feeling those guys are special. If you watch MotoGP you think those guys are just superhuman. You just don't get that with the current breed of F1 cars."

Newey's F1 creations have won ten constructors' titles for three different teams. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has also won the last four drivers' titles, but the team is currently struggling with its 2014 Renault engine during a season dominated by Mercedes.

Despite recently agreeing a contract extension with Red Bull, Newey's future remains the subject of speculation due to the announcement that the Englishman will work on undisclosed "new Red Bull Technology projects" alongside "advising and mentoring" of the team's future F1 cars.



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