Yonny Hernandez's 'home' South American MotoGP race came to a fiery conclusion when his Pramac Ducati burst into flames.

The incident - which saw oil leak from his GP14.2 and then ignite on the exhaust - occurred on lap 7, when the Columbian was holding tenth positon.

"I am very sad about what has happened," he said. "I started very well, recovering positions and entering the Top 10 where I wanted to finish the race. Unfortunately that problem happened.

"After the main straight I felt something very hot coming from below. I did not immediately notice the fire. But a couple of corners later the temperature became unbearable. I saw the flames and I had to stop.

"I do not know what was the problem and the team is trying to understand what happened. Certainly I had bad luck. Now I have to think only about of Jerez."