Marc Marquez gave a tongue in cheek response when he was asked what he had learnt from Valentino Rossi after the pair slugged it out in a dramatic Dutch MotoGP at Assen.

The duo went head to head throughout the race, which produced an explosive finish when they touched at the final chicane on the last lap as Repsol Honda rider Marquez attempted a pass on the brakes on Rossi's inside.

Yamaha rider Rossi stood his machine upright after the contact was made and powered through the gravel, returning to the track to seal victory over the defending world champion.

In the post-race press conference, Marquez was reminded that he often reveals he has learned a lot from the nine-times world champion.

But asked if there was anything he had learned from Rossi in this particular race, Marquez said: "Some motocross! Only this, nothing more."

Pressed further on whether or not he felt Rossi had seized the opportunity to ride through the gravel after the contact was made, Marquez said: "No, I don't think anybody wants to find the contact but what I did I think was the perfect lap because I go in [to the chicane] and stopped the bike to be on the correct line, to close later the space for Valentino for the second chicane [exit].

"But ok, I think when we had the contact we were already really in the same position - I was not really back and I think he already saw me.

"But I think I can be proud about this last lap because I gained 0.4 and I did the perfect chicane with what I planned yesterday," he added.

"What I know is I did the correct [thing]. What I already say, I think I did the perfect last lap, last corner.

"I prepared like this and when I stopped the bike I had the place and then we had the contact and we already know in that chicane it is really tight, so I know that I did the correct."

Assen was the second time this season that Marquez has come-off second best while battling with Rossi for victory at the end of a race, having fallen after contact with the Italian in Argentina.

The clash between the pair was deemed a racing incident by Race Direction.



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