As you know, Valentino Rossi accused Marc Marquez of trying to help Jorge Lorenzo after each of the final three rounds of the MotoGP World Championship.

Whichever side you agree with, it has left a dark cloud hanging over what had been a classic season.

So, as 2015 draws to a close and almost two months after the heated emotions of the final race, we'd like to put a figure on the proportion of fans that feel a conspiracy did take place and those who think such talk is pure paranoia.

It's something members of the paddock have also asked us to gauge, so we're giving you the chance to answer the following poll question for each of the last three races:

Do you think Marc Marquez compromised his own race to deliberately help Jorge Lorenzo beat Valentino Rossi to the title?

There has been plenty of debate already, so comments are not available for this story. All we want is your vote, either 'No', 'Abstain' or 'Yes'.

Vote No: If you feel the actions Marquez took in that particular race were not motivated by trying to assist Lorenzo.

So, in the case of Sepang, Marquez perhaps being fired-up by Rossi's comments and 'saving it for the race' does not automatically mean he was trying to help Lorenzo become champion. After all, racing hard with an opponent (if avoiding contact and staying within the rules) is something any rider should be able to do.

Abstain: If you are genuinely on the fence and don't want to vote yes or no.

Vote Yes: If you feel Marquez intentionally compromised his own race because he wanted to help Lorenzo.

Using Sepang as an example once again, if you feel Marquez's main aim during his battle with Rossi was to try and slow the Italian down in the hope that Lorenzo (and Pedrosa) could pull away from them, you should vote 'yes'.

You've already had the chance to read what the riders and team members had to say about each race, so now it's up to you.

Of course, some will simply back their favourite rider regardless, but even so it will be interesting to see how the proportion of 'yes', 'no' and 'abstain' votes change for each event.

Click on the race below to cast your vote, after which you will see the latest results.

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