We've put together a list below showing the combined top 50 lap times from the final day of the opening 2016 MotoGP test at Sepang.

Only the final day was used as, following the withdraw of the softer rear tyre after Loris Baz's accident, all riders were using only the harder option, reducing the number of variables.

However, there were differences in the front tyres, due to some development Michelin rubber not being available to most of the satellite riders. World champion Jorge Lorenzo estimated that the new front was worth 0.4-0.5s.

Lorenzo set the top eight lap times of the day and, with team-mate Valentino Rossi, the pair dominate the top 14 fastest laps. In total, the Movistar Yamaha riders set 23 of the top 50, divided 14 for Lorenzo and 9 for Rossi.

Honda has 13 laps in the top 50 courtesy of Marc Marquez (7), Cal Crutchlow (3) and Dani Pedrosa (3).

Although only featuring 11 times, Ducati notably has the most different riders in the top 50, led by Casey Stoner (3) and Hector Barbera (3), then Andrea Iannone (2), Scott Redding (2) and Danilo Petrucci (1).

Suzuki's top 50 presence was courtesy of Maverick Vinales (3 laps).

1.Lorenzo(Yamaha)1m 59.580s
2.Lorenzo(Yamaha)1m 59.595s
3.Lorenzo(Yamaha)1m 59.614s
4.Lorenzo(Yamaha)1m 59.966s
5.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.016s
6.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.189s
7.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.209s
8.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.285s
9.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 0.556s
10.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.714s
11.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 0.745s
12.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.746s
13.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 0.790s
14.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.882s
15.Marquez(Honda)2m 0.883s
16.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 0.924s
17.Marquez(Honda)2m 0.925s
18.Crutchlow(Honda)2m 0.992s
19.Marquez(Honda)2m 1.047s
20.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 1.060s
21.Stoner(Ducati)2m 1.070s
22.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 1.090s
23.Stoner(Ducati)2m 1.096s
24.Pedrosa(Honda)2m 1.161s
25.Petrucci(Ducati)2m 1.217s
26.Marquez(Honda)2m 1.218s
27.Iannone(Ducati)2m 1.223s
28.Redding(Ducati)2m 1.229s
29.Marquez(Honda)2m 1.237s
30.Vinales(Suzuki)2m 1.244s
31.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 1.246s
32.Marquez(Honda)2m 1.255s
33.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 1.264s
34.Lorenzo(Yamaha)2m 1.271s
35.Iannone(Ducati)2m 1.286s
36.Crutchlow(Honda)2m 1.353s
37.Pedrosa(Honda)2m 1.380s
38.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 1.381s
39.Redding(Ducati)2m 1.410s
40.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 1.422s
41.Barbera(Ducati)2m 1.434s
42.Stoner(Ducati)2m 1.462s
43.Pedrosa(Honda)2m 1.462s
44.Rossi(Yamaha)2m 1.478s
45.Vinales(Suzuki)2m 1.479s
46.Vinales(Suzuki)2m 1.485s
47.Crutchlow(Honda)2m 1.499s
48.Barbera(Ducati)2m 1.508s
49.Marquez(Honda)2m 1.545s
50.Barbera(Ducati)2m 1.562s



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