Opening practice for the 2016 Qatar MotoGP is just one week away.

The event will mark Michelin's debut as exclusive tyre supplier - and the company has sent this graphic showing the different sidewall markings to look out for when riders take to the track at Losail:

In other words:

Hard slick = Yellow marking.
Medium slick = No marking (black).
Soft slick = White marking

Intermediate = Grey marking.
Hard wet = No marking (black).
Soft wet = Blue marking.

The switch to Michelin is one of two major technical rule changes, alongside the introduction of a 'unified' ECU software.

The single software means the former Open class no longer exists and all riders will therefore have the same choice of tyres at each MotoGP event.

Michelin won 26 premier-class titles from 1976-2006, during open tyre competition, leaving at the end of 2008 when Bridgestone was announced as the sport's first single-tyre supplier.

Practice starts in Qatar on Thursday March 17, with the race on Sunday 20th March.