Double World Superbike champion and four-time 250cc world champion Max Biaggi has had further surgery after his Supermoto crash earlier this month but remains in intensive care.

Biaggi was involved in a Supermoto training accident on the 9th June and was air lifted to the San Camillio Hospital where it was announced he had suffered thoracic trauma and multiple rib fractures.

The 45-year-old has spent the following weeks in intensive care and has now had further surgery on his lungs to aid his recovery.

The hospital has not given a timeframe on Biaggi's recovery period while he still remains in intensive care.

A statement from the hospital read:

"Max Biaggi yesterday underwent a successfully thoracoscopic toilette of the right pleural cavity (the thin fluid-filled space between the two pulmonary pleurae of each lung).

"In the evening intubation (tube which enters the windpipe) was removed, and there were satisfactory vital signs.

"He continues epidural antalgic treatment and non invasive respiratory support. The prognosis remains reserved, and he was always admitted in intensive care."