Chesterfield Tech 3 pair Shinya Nakano and Olivier Jacque took an historic 1-2 finish for Yamaha in the Italian 250cc GP at Mugello.

Neither led away from the start as Aprilia favourites Marcellino Lucchi and Ralf Waldmann looked to take control but, with the German crashing out as early as the second lap, it was left to the Italian wild card rider to keep the silver machines at bay.

Afraid that he would not be able to last the distance, the 43-year old Lucchi eventually succumbed to the attentions of Jacque on the fourth lap, before later crashing out on the downhill stretch back to the paddock. The same stretch had already claimed British pairing Jamie Robinson and Jay Vincent, when the former went down and took his countryman with him. Klaus Nohles also lost it at the same point before Lucchi joined them in the gravel on lap 12.

With their main opposition already sidelined, the Tech 3 duo were left to fight it out among themselves for the last ten laps. Jacque appeared to have the race sewn up until six tours from home, when the injured Nakano towed through and into a lead he would not lose. Jacque remained in contention right to the end, however, only for a last lap mistake to cost him momentum and any hope of drafting back to the front on the home straight.

Behind the runaway leaders, Tohru Ukawa and Marco Melandri scrapped for the final podium spot, with Daijiro Katoh holding a watching brief in fifth. It proved to be a wise move for the Japanese 'rookie' as Ukawa lost it at the last corner while under less pressure than he had absorbed throughout and, with Melandri having to lift to avoid the stricken Honda, Katoh was able to squeeze through to third.

Ukawa dug his bike out of the gravel to claim sixth, having been passed by local hero Franco Battaini as he recovered, and headed home Shell Advance team-mate Anthony West, who put in a storming ride to take seventh after his qualifying crash yesterday. Naoki Matsudo took eighth, with just 14 riders making it to the chequered flag.

Further reports and full results will follow at the end of the day's racing....

Leading finishers - Italian 250cc GP.

1. Shinya Nakano Yamaha
2. Olivier Jacque Yamaha
3. Daijiro Katoh Honda
4. Marco Melandri Aprilia
5. Franco Battaini Aprilia
6. Tohru Ukawa Honda
7. Anthony West Honda
8. Naoki Matsudo Yamaha
9. Alfonso Nieto Yamaha
10. Ivan Clementi Aprilia
11. Sharol Yuzy Yamaha
12. Julien Allemand Yamaha
13. David Checa Aprilia
14. Adrian Coates Aprilia