The Grand Prix Commissionhas unanimously approved the following modification to the Road Racing World Championship Regulations, regarding exhaust design, for immediate application.

The new text is shown in italics:

Technical Regulations - Exhausts: The outlet of the exhaust must not extend behind a line drawn vertically through the edge of the rear tyre. For safety reasons the exposed edge of the exhaust pipe outlet must be rounded to avoid any sharp edges.

The last 30mm of the pipe must be horizontal and parallel to the centre line of the motorcycle with a tolerance of +/- 10 degrees.

The new rule appears to have been required following the raising of the noise limit to 130 decibels in the MotoGP class for 2003.

This has resulted in much shorter silencers being required (the Suzuki exhaust is pictured), while many teams have also moved away from the traditional 'can' design to much more streamlined structures (such as Yamaha).

The latest ruling ensures that sharp edges are removed from these new designs to help avoid injuring a rider, and anyone else, in the case of an accident.