The Grand Prix Permanent Bureau met at the FIM Headquarters in Mies yesterday and announced that for the 2004 season the regulations will remain unchanged.

Most significantly it was confirmed that the current full tank capacity will remain at 24 litres for next season "upon unanimous request from the Manufacturers members of MSMA."

The amount of fuel allowed is seen as a good way to control horsepower without restricting technology - and the FIM have already indicated that the new generation of MotoGP racers are becoming too powerful.

2005 will see a reduction in fuel capacity - by two litres - putting pressure on teams such as Honda, whose star rider Valentino Rossi has twice run out of fuel on the slow down lap this year.

By contrast, the news could well be welcomed by teams such as Aprilia, who were believed to have chosen a three-cylinder engine in order to meet such expected future fuel cuts.

The Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers' Association is made up of Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.



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