Colin Edwards had an incident packed British Grand Prix at Donington Park yesterday, the popular Texan clipping Tohru Ukawa at turn one, sending him into the gravel, then staging a string fightback before losing a knee slider while attacking Olivier Jacque.

"That was a very difficult race!" he sighed. "At the start I had a small problem with the clutch then another rider touched me and I had a bad collision with Ukawa's bike (Edward's fairing bearing evidence of the collision).

"I then began a recovery, overtaking Hopkins, Hayden and Jacque easily, but when I passed Jacque, I beat my right knee against the white line loosing the slider," he added. "Then I was forced to change my riding: in the left corners I used my knee as normal, but in the right corners I was unable to touch the asphalt. The problem is that there are only 3 left corners here!"

Edwards eventually finished 10th and the end of the 30 laps, three places behind team-mate Haga.

"It was a positive race with a difficult start: in the warm up session we had a technical problem in the clutch so Colin used bike no. 2. The one with the "old" chassis," explained Aprilia project leader Gigui Dall'Igna. "We used the tested material for both riders even if they decided to get different tyres for the race. In any case we got a good result on this track, which is not so suitable to our bikes."