Jeremy McWilliams looked on his way to scoring the Proton KR V5's first ever MotoGP points at Motegi yesterday, as he finished the first lap 14th, ahead of team-mate Aoki, and held the position on lap two.

However, as early as the third lap the Ulsterman ran out of brakes at one of the track's many slow corners, and crashed out - leaving him fuming.

"I'm not hurt, but I'm angry," he began. "I've been complaining about the brakes, but it seems I had to crash before anyone will heed me. The brake gets too hot because of the front mudguard, and I just had no brakes for the far hairpin. I'm glad I crashed there rather than at the bottom of the hill, because then people would have just said I was trying too hard."

Team owner Kenny Roberts tried to calm the situation by explaining the purpose of the mudguard.

"Jeremy is complaining about the brakes, and I guess it's because of the front fender that they run too hot... but it makes the engine run cooler," he said. "We're working at these things step by step, and we thought we had it solved. But apparently we haven't. Jeremy uses the brakes a lot harder than Nobu. It's one of those things."

Aoki went on to take the KR V5's first points with 15th, which became 14th after Tamada's exclusion.