Assen has announced that it plans to shorten the famous Dutch TT circuit from 6.027km to 4.750km by radically changing the North Loop section in time for the 2006 MotoGP event.

The controversial decision has been made 'in order to stay in line with international desires and trends in car and motorcycle racing... A shorter circuit means more laps for the drivers, more exciting races, more intense involvement of the public and therefore, a greater attraction.'

As these pictures show, the new circuit will turn right after the start/finish straight and enter a stadium section before rejoining the original layout.

The room created by the revised layout will allow 7,000 extra car-parking places, as well as a new entrance plaza.

The remaining 9 hectares will then be made into a large-scale amusement park containing; a hotel, a retail business building, a motor caf? with bowling centre, a game hall, a dance hall, a flight simulator, a go-kart centre with adjacent sports car assembly facility, a motorcycle experience centre (including a motorcycle museum), a fitness and spa centre.

Facilities that support the racetrack - such as fast food accommodations, merchandising and toilets - will also be built, partially under the new north loop stands.

The changes are due to take place in the winter of 2005-2006, with work on the new 'floating' finish line grandstand due to start this September.