Not only did Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards claim an American one-two in last Sunday's US GP, but their results also marked the first time that chest protectors were worn by the top two finishers in grand prix racing's premier-class.

"We've reached an historic milestone that's advanced the cause of rider safety", declared Impact Safe-T Armor founder Mike Braxton after the result. "We introduced Colin to chest protection in 1994, Nicky in the year 2000. Both Nicky and Colin have been instrumental in its design and vocal advocates for the wearing of chest protectors.

"The American one-two also debunks claims that chest protectors are uncomfortable, bulky or somehow affects the performance of the motorcycle. It's always been our contention that the chest protector is the Hans device of motorcycle racing.

"Let me put it another way... Nicky and Colin won't leave pit lane without their chest protectors in place."

The impact Safe-T Armor chest protectors are made to measure units designed to protect the sternum, heart, lungs and ribs from the forces of impact energy.