As previously reported on, it has now been officially confirmed that the much anticipated debut of the Blata V6 machine - due to take place at this weekend's Czech Republic Grand Prix at Brno - will not happen.

The WCM team and its riders James Ellison and Franco Battaini, who were due to race the machine, will thus continue on the WCM built four-cylinder for the near future.

However, Blata insists that the latest delay in no way spells the death of the project and that the machine will be completed.

"The motorcycle physically exists, it is standing on its own wheels," declared Pavel Blata. "It isn't complete though, and there is no sense in introducing something, that isn't finished.

"With this, I would like to react on the false information from some media about this entire project. We have completed the chassis, that is the frame and the rear swing arm and also many other components. The majority of the parts of the motor itself are almost all finished as well.

"We were slowed down during the development, but that is something you can't avoid when you are working on something completely new. It has happened to us many times, that we have announced the date we will roll out with our project, and didn't do so. Therefore, I will not set any further dates on when we will present this motorcycle.

"We are aware of the fact, that this incident may affect our great name in the design area, production and sales of small cubature motorcycles, and worldwide credit of Blata, but this does not change our plan to finish our ongoing project.

"I believe that our internal decision will be understood. I am very sad from this whole situation, and I take it as a personal failure. On the other hand, it motivates my employees and myself to bring our intentions that we announced a year ago to the motorcycle world, to an end," he added.

The Blata V6 may be displayed over the Czech GP weekend but believes it is unlikely to race until next season.



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