Ducati unveils Desmosedici road bike.

The Ducati Desmosedici RR, the first ever production replica of a MotoGP machine, has been unveiled at Mugello today, ahead of this weekend's Italian Grand Prix

Ducati unveils Desmosedici road bike.

The Ducati Desmosedici RR, the first ever production replica of a MotoGP machine, has been unveiled at Mugello today, ahead of this weekend's Italian Grand Prix

The 'production prototype' is derived directly from the Ducati Desmosedici GP6 - the bike with which Loris Capirossi and Sete Gibernau are competing in the 2006 MotoGP World Championship - and today's launch revealed the shape and technical characteristics with which the bike will go to market.

The body design and aerodynamics of the RR faithfully reflect the GP6 with the colour scheme, fittings and materials used in its construction - as well as the technical features of the 200+hp four-cylinder desmodromic engine built by the Borgo Panigale factory engineers - all as close as possible to the grand prix machine.

Federico Minoli - chairman and managing director of Ducati Motor Holding - and Claudio Domenicali - product director of Ducati Motor and managing director of Ducati Corse - together with Capirossi, Gibernau and test rider Vittoriano Guareschi were present at Mugello for the unveiling.

"This is an important moment for us, another dream come true. Producing the Desmosedici RR means offering the ultimate expression of Ducati technology, while remaining faithful to the tradition of every one of our road and racing bikes," declared Minoli. "It is a challenge that we wanted to accept and although relatively few bikes will be made, the RR will be a true object of desire for all Ducatisti. It will be the ultimate Ducati experience, one that best exemplifies the passion and the ingenuity for which we are famous. Meanwhile the twin-cylinder remains and will continue to remain Ducati's traditional engine, having equipped all of our production models in the past and equipping them in the future."

"The Desmosedici RR is a true grand prix replica," insisted Domenicali. "The technological level of this bike is extraordinarily high and for the first time ever all the authentic performance and technology of the ultimate MotoGP racing machine have been transferred to a road-going motorcycle. Over 200 hp of power for a bike that features exclusive components and quality materials, destined to become the new point of reference for production motorcycles. There couldn't have been a better place than Mugello for the unveiling of this new bike and who better to take the wraps off it than Loris, Sete and Vittoriano, because this bike is also their bike and all of their experience has gone into developing this road-going motorcycle."

The RR project is currently in its 'industrialisation phase' and, as previously announced, it will be a limited edition motorcycle, with approximately 400 bikes being produced a year. The bike is scheduled to arrive in the market in July 2007, while from June 2nd 2006 it will be possible to reserve the bike through the official Ducati dealer network, with 999R owners receiving priority.

Two versions of the RR will be available: the Desmosedici RR is painted in 'Rosso GP', has a white number plate on the tail section and a white Ducati logo on the fairing, while the Desmosedici RR 'Team Version' is painted in 'Rosso GP' and - as with the factory Corse bikes - has a broad white stripe on the fairing. A team sponsor decal kit will be provided with each bike.

Each RR will also come with a special race kit that includes a 102 dB racing exhaust, a dedicated CPU, bike cover and track stand.

Ducati has created a new dedicated service plan whereby each Desmosedici RR owner can count upon a three-year warranty and a three-year maintenance period free of charge.

Desmosedici RR - technical features:

Desmosedici engine features:
o 200+ hp with racing exhaust kit (supplied with every bike)
o 989cc L-Four cylinder, Twin Pulse configuration
o Desmodromic, with 16 titanium valves (Desmosedici)
o quadruple 12 hole 'micro-jet' fuel injectors
o Double overhead cams, gear driven
o titanium connecting rods
o cassette transmission
o sand cast engine cases
o magnesium covers
o 4 into 2 into 1 vertical exit exhaust
o dry 'Slipper' clutch

Desmosedici chassis features:
o Hybrid Trellis frame
o Carbon fibre seat support
o ?hlins nitrogen pressurized reservoir 43mm "FG353" PFF forks
o ?hlins four-way adjustable rear shock with GP6 linkage and geometry
o Brembo radial "monoblock" front callipers
o forged and machined Marchesini magnesium wheels
o New lightweight Corse electronic multifunction dashboard
o aluminium alloy tank
o Full Carbon fibre body
o Bridgestone tyres with special profile and structure

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