After turning his back on uncompetitive machinery in the 250cc World Championship, the 20-year-old has revived his career in the AMA Supersport and Formula Xtreme championships this season - then was propelled into the MotoGP spotlight when d'Antin Ducati asked the Briton to replace the injured Alex Hofmann at Laguna Seca.

Davies made his surprise MotoGP debut on Friday afternoon and qualified 1.8secs from pole position just 24 hours later. Although forced to pit during the race, Chaz completed an impressive debut by setting a best lap time only 1.2secs behind race winner Stoner - putting him on a par with Fiat Yamaha's Colin Edwards and just a tenth behind d'Antin regular Alex Barros.

"The test is going to be at Mugello next week, on the 11th and 12th. I'm looking forward to it; it'll be really exciting," said Chaz during an exclusive interview with "I wasn't digging for a test. Livio Suppo, the boss of the factory Ducati team, was fairly happy with what I did at Laguna and obviously I know Casey quite well. I think Casey put in a good word here and there and that sort of spurred them on to give me this test, just to see how I get on at a big circuit like Mugello - which has fast, wide open, sweeping corners - rather than Laguna which is pretty tight and twisty.

"I was thrown in at the deep end at Laguna, it doesn't get much deeper!" Chaz continued. "That was just a hectic weekend as I had AMA Supersport to concentrate on as well as MotoGP. This test will be a nice way to really learn the bike. As far as I know it's going to be an open track with just myself and Vito Guareschi, the official Ducati test rider. It'll be good for me to really get to grips with the bike, know what it's all about, see how much trust I can put in it and ultimately see how fast I can go."

The test will have extra significance because Pramac d'Antin, Ducati's satellite MotoGP team, still has both its seats available for 2008.

"I'm not sure if the test could lead to something more with Ducati," Chaz said. "I know that one of the few teams with remaining seats in MotoGP for next year is d'Antin. I think at the moment the test is purely out of interest from Ducati's point of view; they'd like to see how I go with maybe a reference to the future for them. In a year or two when they need riders at least they'll know how fast I can ride a bike. So I'm not sure if it'll lead to anything for next year - it's obviously flattering to have the interest in the first place - but if it does lead to something then that'd be great."

Stoner and Ducati have dominated the 2007 MotoGP World Championship, claiming eight wins from 13 races to stand on the brink of a first world title. Being close friends, as well as former rivals, Chaz was able to call on Stoner's support during the Laguna weekend - and the Australian will also be on hand at Mugello.

"Our styles are pretty similar and we said similar things about the bike at Laguna," said Davies. "Obviously he's been riding the bike for a lot longer than I have so I was more listening to him and taking in any advice he had to offer. It's good when someone that I know very well is obviously riding the bike at the highest, highest level. He's actually going to come and watch the test, on Tuesday I think, to see if he can help me out a bit - so that'll be excellent. It'll be good to get his feedback on it and obviously I can get some tips here and there.

"It's excellent to see what Casey's doing this year in MotoGP," Chaz added. "I've always known - everybody has always known - how fast he is. He had a bit of a wild temperament in the past, but now things have come together - on a good bike and good tyres - he doesn't have to over-ride the machine to get the good results. The package is there for him and it just proves what a difference it makes when all the little cogs slip into place. He's going an excellent job and it's really good to see."

But back to his own career and, with one round to go, AMA rookie Davies sits eleventh in the Supersport championship and sixth in the Formula Xtreme series for Celtic Racing - with two poles (Supersport) and two podiums (Xtreme) to his credit, despite having to learn the 'unique' US circuits.

"There's been good interest in America actually," confirmed the columnist, when asked about rumours he may be on an AMA Superbike next season. "I've actually really enjoyed the year over there. It was a bit of an odd step for somebody that was in the position I was in last year, but I really wanted to do the AMA because I thought I could have a lot of fun and do well. It's not gone unnoticed what I've done this year. I've put my head down and really, really enjoyed it. The racing is tough over there; it's not a walk in the park by any means."

The AMA championships conclude with a return to Laguna Seca on September 15-16, offering Chaz the chance to compete on a circuit he knows - and hopefully finish 2007 on a high. "I'm looking forward to that event," Davies declared.