Video clips of the incident can be found on You Tube, but this high quality picture (click to enlarge) shows in perfect detail just how far gone Edwards was - the Texan's inside foot, knee and elbow are all dragging along the ground, while his outside leg is waving in the air.

But Edwards didn't give up and was somehow able to get his M1 back up on two-wheels.

"I obviously got into turn one too hot," he said of his 'fall'. "It went, came back, went away again and I thought I was down. I tried to dig my elbow in but it kept going so I kind of lifted my arm up and pulled it up on the handlebars. And it came back somehow. The crowd loved it anyway. I've done it a few times but this is the first time it has been caught on [TV]."

Edwards acknowledged the cheering fans with a wave as he rode away from the incident.

If anyone asks why you follow motorcycle racing, point them to this picture.