By Mike Nicks

It's nearly impossible to imagine Casey Stoner riding a bike where he isn't pushing it onto the realm of wobbles and weaves: the reigning MotoGP world champion is that kind of full-on rider who keeps the throttle wound.

But at Donington we may see Stoner on a Marlboro Ducati GP8 that doesn't shake him around.

"At the Barcelona tests we found a big, big improvement to the engine management system to calm the bike down a bit and make it much easier to ride," he said. "The shaking and wobbling everywhere - it's sorted that."

So take a look at Donington to see if the other Marlboro Ducati rider Marco Melandri looks more confident on a tamed-down V4 this weekend.

As for Casey, my bet is that he'll force on through the GP8's new calm zone and discover the next wobble level.