Following more than 40,000 votes cast in's poll to find the sexiest MotoGP babe of 2008, a result has been reached.

In the final reckoning it was a close-run thing between the top seven babes of the season, with San Marino ultimately emerging as your favourite. The full list is as follows:

1. San Marino MotoGP
2. Portuguese MotoGP
3. German MotoGP
4. US MotoGP
5. Australian MotoGP
6. Chinese MotoGP
7. Czech MotoGP
8. Catalunya MotoGP
9. British MotoGP
10. Valencia MotoGP
11. Indianapolis MotoGP
12. Spanish MotoGP
13. Malaysian MotoGP
14. French MotoGP
15. Dutch MotoGP
16. Japanese MotoGP
17. Italian MotoGP
18. Qatar MotoGP

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