Cal Crutchlow riding a Moto3 bike, John McPhee on a Honda RC213V MotoGP machine?

It nearly happened, when both were on track during a private test at Brno in the summer break.

Over to Crutchlow to explain…

"When we tested, Moto3 and Moto2 were on the track with us at the same time. It was actually good fun, because they are fast in the corner!

"But what I wanted to do - and the only reason I didn’t do it was a red flag - was stop on the track with John McPhee and swap bikes, then ride back to the pits!

"I've always wanted a Moto3 bike, just for my house. So I said to John during breakfast in the morning, 'Let's do it: Let's swap bikes half-way around the lap'.

"Then we saw each other on track, so it was perfect... But there was a red flag and I thought 'maybe someone is hurt'. You don’t know and you have to respect it. So it didn't happen.

"But it would have been pretty funny!"



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