Josh Waters couldn't stop smiling after making his MotoGP debut on a Suzuki GSX-RR at Sepang on Thursday.

Like Michael Dunlop (TT) and Toni Elias (MotoAmerica), Waters - who won his second Australian SBK crown for Suzuki last season - was rewarded by the factory with a guest ride at this week's private Malaysian test.

Afterwards, the team were said to have been particularly surprised by Waters, given his relative lack of experience compared to Elias and Dunlop.

Following the quick video, sat down with Waters for a longer chat…

When did you know you were going to get this chance?

Josh Waters:

It was just before Christmas. I was like, 'you're kidding me!' I couldn't believe it. And then the other two riders - Toni has been world champion and Michael Dunlop is the fastest ever rider at the Isle of Man. So to get to ride it is pretty special.

At the start of the day, Sylvain [Guintoli] was talking to you all about what to expect from the seamless gearbox and the carbon brakes..

Josh Waters:

I've never ridden with carbon brakes. In Australia we're not allowed to change the discs, we have standard callipers… we're rebels if we change the pads! We run a different master cylinder because we can adjust it.

So to ride on carbon brakes was so different and so physical, in terms of the stopping of the bike. In a dream world you'd just keep riding, do another day, but I never came here thinking that.

I just loved the opportunity.

How many runs did you get today?

Josh Waters:

I got two half-hour stints. With more laps I got more used to the track. The only time I've ridden here was in 2002 and a lot has happened since then.

It was an unbelievable experience and a lot different to what I thought it would be.

In what way?

Josh Waters:

It's not easy to ride but it was like taking off on a normal motorbike, they've done such a good job. The way the torque is delivered is so smooth. I was a bit worried because I was the first guy to ride it and thought I might stall it!

And like I said on the video, the team made you feel really welcome and that they wanted you here. They were all great to work with and that made the whole experience a lot better.

Any adjustments to the bike at all?

Josh Waters:

It would have been a waste of time to do anything like that, it's more me riding the track and stuff like that. It was special for sure.

Another thing Sylvain mentioned in the briefing was the incredible power from fourth gear onwards, how did you find it?

Josh Waters:

Crazy! It just keeps pulling and pulling! Amazing. With the acceleration – to go back to our bikes in Australia, our bikes are standard so the electronics are good but they are the ones that you buy from the dealership. We modify them a bit, but these here in MotoGP are the best in the world so you can trust them a lot more. But I didn't want to crash it or anything! Maybe that was why they put me first, they thought I'd be the safest!

It was just an amazing experience that I'll never ever forget.



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