Cal Crutchlow certainly isn't afraid of doing things his own way.

And when it comes to the spread of aerodynamic winglet fairings and rider coaches in MotoGP, the LCR Honda rider is openly sceptical of how much difference they make.

"We have to say Honda have done a good job. I was fastest [on day one], Dani and Marquez fastest [on day two, and then Pedrosa fastest on day three]," Crutchlow said during the Thailand test.

"For a bike with no wings I think we're saving a fantastic amount of budget and still going fast.

"It shows we don't need wings to go fast. We used [wings] in Malaysia just to try, but all our fastest times there were set without them. And all our fastest times here were set without them.

"Waste of money!" he grinned.

The Englishman has a similar opinion when it comes to rider coaches.

"I know how to ride a bike. I get the data of Marc, the fastest guy in the world. I ride the same bike as him. If I need to learn something or do something different, I look at that.

"So I know how the other guys do it - maybe I just can't do it. Simple as that. But I know also sometimes Marc can't do something I can do."

When it was pointed out that Marquez has manager Emilio Alzamora to provide trackside feedback, Crutchlow added:

"Yeah, but in the end it's not rocket science. What do you want? Somebody to say, 'this guy, in this corner, is going faster than you'. Okay cool. And..?"

Instead the Englishman relies on what he personally sees other riders doing, via TV footage or by 'reading' the track.

"You can see [the different lines] on TV and you can see the black lines on the track.

"I'm not saying I would never have [a rider coach], but I don't believe they would make me go any faster.

"That's my personal opinion.

"Some guys need their ego-massaged, as we know. But also their coaches need their ego-massaged! That's why a lot of them are here. I don’t think they are a benefit...

"If Marc didn't have a rider coach he'd still win the world title."