Valentino Rossi has set his sights on a test in Barcelona in late May as a point for Yamaha to bring a considerable update that will aid the M1’s current woes in low grip conditions, after ending the post-race outing at Jerez with the tenth fastest time.

The nine-time world champion had a variety of new components to test, including a chassis update to aid with traction in sweltering conditions. But Rossi returned to the Andalusian venue on Monday without “expecting to make a big step.”

Rossi had reserved strong words for the Japanese manufacturer on Sunday, calling on Yamaha “to do an effort” and bring updates for the M1’s electronics package. He admitted his words were “quite hard,” but they were intended solely to spur Japanese bosses into action, after a frustrating showing on Sunday.

“We have a lot of things to do,” said Rossi of Monday’s test at Jerez. “It was a good test. We tried some different issues, something a bit better, something a bit less. But it was important, and we improved a bit, yes. But for me, in the next test, we will have something more important.

“Yes, we have something different, but it was already in the programme, and sincerely, are small details, something that can help a little bit, but also knowing what I had to test before the test I don't expect to make a big step, sincerely.”

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Yamaha’s factory riders travel to Italy for a one-day test at Mugello later this week, but Rossi has earmarked an outing at Montmeló, Catalonia after the French Grand Prix as a test that can reverse the factory’s fortunes in similar low-grip conditions.

“We also made an important work for the future, where we found something good for the acceleration, but it was just a first step, so we need a bit more time and I hope that in the next test, not at Mugello, but after Barcelona, like this we can improve and try something more important.”

So a big electronics update is coming for the test outside Barcelona? “Sincerely, I hope,” he said. “But I don't know if it's possible, but I hope. Also because after the Barcelona test, the next test is Brno, which is a long time.”

On his comments made on Sunday, and whether they had had the required impact, Rossi continued: “Sincerely, I spoke a lot, and I said something quite hard, but if you were there, I was quiet, I'm not angry. Because sincerely, I explained to you a situation that I already know for some months.

“I like to work with Yamaha, I trust in Yamaha, for sure it's a difficult moment, and I hope saying these words to them, to make more motivation. Today was not the day to do the difference, today we tried something else, the next months will be very important.

“I fully agree [that I am running out of time to win that tenth world title]. I am more in a rush compared to the Yamaha. Because Yamaha will maybe race for another 100 years, and I know that I don't have a lot more time. So I try to push to shorten the time.”

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