Steve McQueen's character famously jumped a motorcycle over a fence, but Jakub Kornfeil pulled off his own Great Escape with a real-life Hollywood stunt in Sunday's French Moto3 Grand Prix.

When Enea Bastianini fell on the exit of the final corner at Le Mans, Kornfeil was left with nowhere to go but straight into the Italian's fallen machine.

It should have been a big accident - Kornfeil's airbag system certainly thought so - but instead the Czech used Bastianini's bike as a ramp and launched into a spectacular motocross-style jump.

Landing safely was an equally daunting task - riders often fall just trundling through a gravel trap - but Kornfeil wrestled his KTM upright and re-joined the track to finish the race in sixth.

Save of the year

“We rode in a group of five [at the front] and to prepare for the final lap and put me in a good position, I rode close to Enea Bastianini," Kornfeil explained.

"That was not so good, because Bastianini crashed and I had no chance to get out of the way and had to jump over his bike.

"My airbag then exploded in the air and on landing I injured myself a little.

"I did not want to give up and did my best until the end. I am very happy about sixth place, even if a better result would have been possible today.

"It was my best weekend overall!”