A number of Spanish MotoGP riders including Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, Maverick Vinales and Jorge Lorenzo met up with Spain’s first-ever world championship race winner Salvador Canellas at the classic Montjuic circuit.

As part of the pre-event build-up to the Catalan MotoGP at Circuit de Catalunya, the majority of the Spanish MotoGP riders joined Canellas at Montjuic to reflect on how the sport has changed over the past five decades.

Marc Marquez says he was fascinated to discuss racing from different eras with Canellas before a photo opportunity overlooking the Jardines de Juan Maragall and the old track.

“It was a pleasure to meet Salvador Canellas, and it was incredible how he explained the circuit, how they rode, it was completely different,” Marquez said. “It was very interesting because now it's another world and with much more safety. But it was so interesting to go around the circuit.”



“Everything has changed,” Jorge Lorenzo added. “If you look back over so many years, you can see the difference is huge. In everything - the bikes, the safety, the tracks, leathers, there were no sponsors before, no safety, no money in the sport, and now we're really lucky to live in this era.

“We're in a golden era and I'm happy and excited for this weekend, and looking forward to my home GP.”

The Catalunya MotoGP race weekend takes place on the 15-17 June.


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