Maverick Viñales used Monday’s post-race test at the Circuit of Catalunya to continue working on feelings with Yamaha’s M1 with a full tank of fuel in a bid to cure the lack of feel experienced at the start of races.

Normally featuring toward the top of post-race time sheets, the Catalan shifted focus, posting the ninth fastest time on Monday, 0.8s off the quickest lap of the day, set by title rival Marc Marquez.

Outright times were of little concern for Viñales, however, as he used the morning and afternoon to experiment with seating positions and different set-ups with a full tank of fuel.



“Well, we have been working with a full tank, especially in the first five or six laps, which is where we have been struggling the most,” he said. “I think we have improved quite a lot here in the afternoon and I’m actually happy with that.”

On changes to his seating position, he said, “I just tried to sit a little bit more forward. It was just one piece here [between the gonads] on the tank so I sit a little bit more on the back.

“I feel like I could ride a little bit better but finally it was not so much like this because it upsets so much the front and I had a lot of movement so. The bike was the same so we just did different set-ups to make the front tyre work.”

“Well, I had just the seat a little bit more back because when I was riding with Johann [Zarco], his riding style is a little bit different so I tried to be a little more like his style. Finally it upset the bike.

“It’s two completely different bikes. Just trying to find a good setting for the front, to make it work and finally we did it. I hope in Assen we can prove that.”

How did he find track conditions? “Honestly it was not very grippy, the track. It was quite slippery on the rear. Quite similar [to Sunday’s race]. Today was even hotter. I think the lap times are quite realistic. Let’s see. The last runs were good.”

So he was always with a full tank, rather than pushing for a lap time? “Always. Always. Not always new tyres but always full tank, even if it was used. I had to get used to the full tank to see how the bike it brakes.

“Anyway, happy because we did different set-ups and finally the front tyre works a little bit better and I could push, especially at the end, when I found a good set-up for the bike.”

Was he surprised Yamaha had not brought more new components to test? “Well, a little bit on the electronics but not the step we expect. So let’s see. An improvement, sure [but only a] little bit.”



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