With home star Max Verstappen making waves in F1, there has been talk of reviving the Dutch F1 Grand Prix.

Assen is one of the circuit's mentioned as a potential venue - but MotoGP stars Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo are wary about having F1 at circuit that has hosted motorcycle grand prix since the inaugural 1949 season.

"I hope they don't!" said nine-time world champion Rossi.

"Formula One has a lot of tracks [just] for the cars, like Le Castellet [Paul Ricard] last week. Assen is just for motorcycles, in history.

"First of all it would be a particular [unusual] track for Formula One, but at the same time it is better not to have Formula One for us because we have less bumps.

"I think that, for the historic side, just MotoGP should race here."

Five time world champion Lorenzo added: "As Vale said, it would be strange to see and I hope F1 does not come here.

"First, because of the bumps and second because they would probably have to modify so much the track, because it would be very strange to see Formula One cars on a track that is still completely green [no gravel or asphalt] outside the track.

"But anything is possible. I don't know the modifications they would need.

"But for the bumps it would be better if the Formula One doesn't come here."

Reigning champion Marc Marquez, who recently tested an F1 car, had more practical concerns:

"Formula One would be very, very fast here. Because there are many fast corners and maybe the lap time would only be one minute! Because they are so fast.

"But always it's good when Formula One is interested about circuits like Assen. For the bikes this means we would have some bumps, but it's not a big problem."

The F1 Dutch Grand Prix was last held at the Zandvoort circuit in 1985.