Milestone’s MotoGP series returns for 2018 with all-new visuals, gaming engines and something to offer all fans with its improved career mode.

Italian video game developers Milestone have shaken up its popular title, available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch, for a fresh look this year with loads of new features and in-depth gameplay.

The new edition sees the new Unreal Engine 4 produce a completely new experience with extensive details to bring the game to a new level for both graphics and physics control for a more realistic performance.

Every MotoGP riders’ face has been scanned in 3D to provide high-quality detail to both riders and machines plus each of the 19 MotoGP race circuits have also been digitally scanned for precise realism of the track and surrounding landscape.

While its new collision system introduces variable damage, a new tyre management structure has been introduced in combination with the ability to collect development packages to improve the bike’s engine, suspension, brakes and chassis and aerodynamics as your campaign progresses.

Lead designer Matteo Pezzotti from Milestone says updates made in the latest edition brings the game closer to reality witnessed in the current MotoGP world championship.

“It will simply be the greatest and purest MotoGP experience for all the fans,” Pezzotti said. “This title marks the arrival of the series on the Unreal Engine, a leap forward in terms of technological innovation, ensuring enhancements in the visual quality, realistic and impressive lighting effects and completely reworked physics.

“The game faithfully reproduces all the distinctive behaviour of the bikes, thereby reducing the gap between fiction and reality, while making it accessible also to casual gamers through the introduction of interactive riding aids and tutorials.”

From the game’s tutorial stages it is immediately apparent the quality of control needed to unlock speed in order to enable the player to get up to speed, from the basics of braking and cornering to detailed overtaking manoeuvres.

Once players are on the pace, the game opens up to take on multiple modes including the traditional single race, qualifying-style time attacks and full championship campaigns.

MotoGP 18’s detailed career mode provides the full experience of stepping stones starting at the Red Bull Rookies’ Cup before leading all the way up to MotoGP.

MotoGP’s eSport Championship is also set to return with the new game, this time expanded to Xbox, PS4 and PC (2017’s edition ran solely on PS4) which starts in late July before a big finale in November from Valencia to coincide with the 2018 final round.

MotoGP 18 is out now.




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