Marc Marquez says he wants to see the German MotoGP stay at Sachsenring beyond this year as speculation grows on the race’s future being away from the 3.7-km track.

Reports emerged in May that the ADAC, which owns the rights to the German MotoGP race in a deal which runs until 2021, has terminated its deal with Sachsenring and is looking to a new venue from 2019.

German MotoGP - Memorable Moments

While Hockenheim and Nurburgring have both been suggested as alternatives to Sachsenring to host the German round, discussions have split opinions with Marquez backing to current venue to retain the race, perhaps unsurprising given he has claimed victory and pole position at every race at the track since 2010 including every premier class race.

“I am very disappointed, of course,” Marquez said. “We will see, I think one race in Germany we need to have for the championship because we have many, many fans here and also for the manufacturers it is important, one of the most important countries in Europe.

“We will see, it is not clear, but I hope to continue here.”

“Sachsenring is a really particular track, I really like it, so it is a shame it will go off,” Vinales added during the pre-event press conference at Sachsenring. “I think to have one race in Germany is important for our factories so let’s hope we can have it.”

Valentino Rossi sees three options for MotoGP but fears there isn’t a clear and obvious circuit which would suit all requirements between riders and organisers.

“For me Sachsenring is a very particular track, sometimes not easy, but different than all the rest especially for the downhill and uphill,” Rossi said. “It has been here a long time, the first time in 1998 and the track changed during the year.

“Where can we go? I think maybe Hockenheim. But I think it is a very car track, a Formula 1 track, I was there with the car and it is not so bad but I don’t know with the bike.

“Or I think the Nurburgring, the new Nurburgring, I’ve raced at the new Nurburgring in 1996 and 1997, it is always difficult weather but the track was good for the bikes. We have these three options.”

Cal Crutchlow feels Sachsenring has become ‘really small’ for MotoGP bikes with its tight and slow speed corners but appreciates the attraction of the circuit which regularly records some of the highest fan attendances of any race.

“I have a strange feeling about it because when you ride it, it’s horrible! It is a go-kart track for us but normally you see a good race and you quite enjoy it,” Crutchlow said. “We have a lot of fans that come here, which is important and we always look forward to coming here but it is so tight.

“That first, second, third corner, I guarantee I could probably go around it [third corner] as fast on my bicycle than I can on a MotoGP bike.

“In Turn 11 you are going quick but the ones before not especially. You are hanging off the side of the bike for [a long time]. You don't put your arse in the centre of the bike for almost the whole lap here so it makes it difficult to ride. Not particularly physical.

“I do like the track though. It is just really small for a MotoGP bike. If we are talking about Nurburgring then I know that place very well.

“The last time I rode there is seemed bumpy, so I don't know if it has been resurfaced or if it would need it. It has a fast straight, downhill into a really tight hairpin.

“Would it bring as much entertainment as here? I don't know. Would it bring any crowd? I don't know either but going on what everyone else says then no.

“But crowds follow MotoGP so who’s to say that they won’t come. Give them all a free lap around the old track!”

Jorge Lorenzo concedes if the event is to leave Sachsenring he will have mixed emotions given the huge fan base, which also attracts support from neighbouring Czech Republic and Poland, but concedes it isn’t a track he favours.

“On one side it is good because there are a lot of people that come from Germany but also Czech Republic and Poland and all over the place. The people are very warm with the riders,” Lorenzo said.

“On the other side it is ‘special’ track that is very small, narrow and very old-fashioned. Even if the safety has improved it is not perfect in some areas. It is not one of my favourites! So on one side I’m sad and on one I’m happy.”

Sachsenring has hosted the German MotoGP round since 1998 having taken over from Nurburgring, which hosted between 1995 and 1997, while the old Hockenheim circuit also held the series between 1991 and 1994.

Marquez is joint-second on the all-time German round wins with eight career victories, level with Angel Nieto and Carlo Ubbiali, with Giacomo Agostini holds the outright record with 13 wins.