Bradley Smith will make a clean break from KTM at the end of the MotoGP season and not remain involved as a factory test rider in 2019.

Last time in Austria, KTM's Pit Beirer revealed that the factory will change its strategy towards test riders next year - adding a second rider alongside Mika Kallio, but ending (or at least severely reducing) wild-card opportinities.

Beirer confirmed the likes of Smith, Dani Pedrosa and Jonas Folger were in contention to be the second test rider. But Smith, who has lost his race seat to Johann Zarco for 2019, is determined to try and return to MotoGP in 2020, meaning wild-cards are a major attraction of any test deal.

"I'm not going to be riding for KTM in the future," Smith said at Silverstone on Thursday. "My vision for what I want to do with my career is different to what they need from a test rider.

"As they explained to you guys, they are not looking for wild-cards, they are not looking for racing. For me, my vision is to be back in 2020, so I need to find myself in a situation that allows me to be able to do that.

"It's a mutual thing. At the end of the day it's just two different people with two different visions.

"It's a shame that I'm not going to see this project through how I necessarily wanted to. But the fact that I've had an impact in the last two years will always stay there and we'll see what comes in the future.

"But basically my options are not with team orange any more. So I need to think about the other things available and what's going to help me get back on this grid in 2020."

Smith added that he wasn't surprised by KTM's change of policy towards wild-cards, although "only time will tell" if it's the right decision.

"As a team we learned from the situations with Mika, that last year he was clearly outperforming me and then even at the beginning of this year when he brought the new bike and outperformed both of us - that's not good for the brand and the decision makers.

"If I was to stay on as test rider, at current form, I might beat all four of their riders that come in next year. And I was the one that was kicked out already in May. So that doesn't necessarily look good for anybody. It doesn't necessarily work in my favour and it doesn't work in anyone's favour.

"So they need someone that is willing to toe the company line, willing to do the tests as a test rider and I think Mika and whoever they decide [as the second test rider] will do a fantastic job of that."

Despite his impending departure, Smith - who has been helping to test 2019 parts from Kallio's bike during race weekends after the Finn's injury at Sachsenring - has pledged to do all he can to push the KTM project forward.

"Like I told KTM, I was out of a job in May, so I've been riding from May until now jobless anyway. With no promise of being a test rider, no promise of anything. And I've done the job to the best of my ability," he said.

"I've made the promise to them that no matter what happens, what decisions get made, I will do the very best I can for the project and hand over the very best bike I can to the new riders in November. So that's what I'm going to do. I've stuck by my word and there's no reason to go back on that now."

With his 2019 plans still to be decided, Smith is well aware that this weekend could be his final home MotoGP. The #38 admitted that Sunday's cooldown lap will be more emotional than usual and is determined to enjoy it as much as he can.

"It could be my last [home GP] so I'm just trying to embrace everything that goes with it. It's an awesome feeling to be here with the British fans. Today, at Day of Champions, with everyone shouting and screaming - it's busy yes, but those days are going to disappear at some point.

"So try and enjoy them as much as you can, put on a good performance and you never know what the future will bring."

Smith revealed that – as in Austria - he will stick with his standard 2018 machine this weekend, rather than running the prototype 2019 (Kallio) engines with which he suffered technical issues during practice at Brno.

"Things do seem to be coming together really well the last four-five events, we've been putting in strong weekends from Friday to Sunday. The bike is getting better and better, we are improving it as we go.

"It won't be a new bike again this weekend, we're sticking still with the old one. Just basically continuing to work and develop that for the time being.

"It's going to be a tough weekend. A brand new surface, we've got four front tyres, four rear tyres that we need to try and get through. We also have the unknown weather that we've grown to love at Silverstone!"

With team-mate Pol Espargaro missing his second event in succession as he recovers from shoulder and back injuries at Brno, Smith will also have a new team-mate this weekend in the form of Loris Baz.

"It's nice to have someone on the other side of the garage. It was a little bit lonely in Austria!" Smith smiled.

"As I've always stated, this is the place that I want to be and that I'm sure anyone wants to be. It's just a fantastic opportunity for Loris to roll out against the best riders in the world on one of the best bikes, at one of the fastest circuits. Just really enjoy his three days here."

Like KTM, Aprilia and Yamaha are looking to sign race-proven test riders to boost their MotoGP projects in 2019.



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