Jorge Lorenzo feels poor drainage is to blame for the issues MotoGP has faced on Silverstone’s resurfaced circuit in the rain and fears racing could become too dangerous if the rain returns on Sunday.

The Ducati rider, who is set to start from pole position for the British MotoGP, was one of the riders involved in Turn 7 incidents during FP4 when a sudden rain shower soaked Stowe corner. Lorenzo was able to remain on his Ducati as he skated through the gravel after being unable to stop in the wet.

Silverstone MotoGP

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Lorenzo managed to get out of the gravel trap before Tito Rabat’s incident where the Avintia Ducati rider crashed on his own before being hit by Franco Morbidelli’s Marc VDS Honda bike in the gravel trap.

Lorenzo felt the downpour wasn’t unusually heavy to cause the major aquaplaning problems the riders faced before the red flag and fears a lack of drainage is to blame.

Last February, Silverstone was completely resurfaced but the majority of riders have neem complaining of bigger bumps on the track during Friday practice held in dry conditions.

“I don’t think there was a lot of water or rain, even in sector two, but it really looks like a sea when you arrive there in fourth or fifth gear [at Stowe corner], there was so much water there,” Lorenzo said. “It looks like there is a problem with the drainage.

“I don’t think there was much water coming down compared to others but it was not right, the tarmac didn’t dry in a normal way, it was impossible to stop the bike in heavy rain. It will be impossible for riders to stop in heavy rain so it will be very dangerous.”

Following discussions between IRTA and MotoGP riders and team managers, the British MotoGP race has been moved forward to start at 11:30 local time – the usual Moto3 race slot – in a bid to target the best forecasted weather conditions.

Lorenzo is eager to look at all options but feels if similar rain returns on Sunday it may not be safe to race at Silverstone.

“It is an important issue to talk about because it looks like with the new asphalt – in the past we raced in the rain and it was not such a big problem – but this situation is quite difficult because it is at points on the track where we arrive with more speed but there is not so much gravel or space in case of crashes,” he said.

“We arrive at certain areas very fast with a lot of people. In heavy rain I believe there will be some problems as the water doesn’t come out of the track. In case of rain I agree not to compete or to wait to find a solution.”

The last British MotoGP at Silverstone held in wet conditions was in 2015, before the resurfacing, which was won by Valentino Rossi. Five riders crashed out in the race, while Jack Miller collected Cal Crutchlow in his collision, but all riders were unhurted.



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