The official statements from riders and team managers following the cancellation of Sunday's British MotoGP.

Only a few riders spoke directly to the trackside media, most spoke only to Dorna while some team press releases (including Movistar Yamaha) didn't include a rider quote...

Jorge Lorenzo:

“Yesterday’s weather forecast turned out to be right and it rained all day today. We only managed to do the warm-up in dry conditions and then it didn’t stop raining and the track was in a bad condition. This confirmed that the asphalt wasn’t draining well and as time went by the situation didn’t improve. When it was late, the riders met with the Race Direction and we decided to cancel the race because the track didn’t offer the right conditions to race in safety.”

Marc Marquez:

“It has been a long, unusual, tiring day that we hope won’t happen again. The Safety Commission analysed the situation and I think the Race Direction has to be thanked; they listened, and in the end, safety was everybody’s main consideration—one of us riders is in hospital already. During the day, I watched the screen and saw all the fans in the grandstands patiently waiting; it would have been good to reward them, but in the end, sometimes we must keep a cool head and think.”

Andrea Dovizioso:

“It was a real pity not to be able to do the race because we were very competitive, especially in the dry. A weekend that was going well for us turned into an unacceptable situation, and so now it will be necessary to understand exactly what happened. We’ll talk about it in the Safety Commission at the next race, because to resurface a track and then find out it has more bumps than before, together with a problem of drainage, is just not good enough for a championship of this level.”

Cal Crutchlow:

“I’m devastated not to be able to race at my home Grand Prix, it was very disappointing that today went how it did with regards to the weather situation. The safety commission decided that we delayed and delayed all day and then decided finally that the track condition was not safe to ride due to standing water on the asphalt. But it was a very, very sad day for the fans and I’m truly sorry for them having come out in force to support me and all the MotoGP racers. We’re just sorry we couldn’t put on a show, as always I would have tried my best and I will try my best in the next Grand Prix also.”

Bradley Smith:

"It's obviously heartbreaking, but more so for all the fans and everyone that came out today. People travel from far-and-wide to come and watch us race and it's just a shame that we couldn't put on a show. In terms of Dorna and Race Direction, they always do a fantastic job. Rider safety is paramount, we have more than 80 riders to take care of and it only takes one mistake out there, especially in the early laps with big groups. Visibility was poor, aquaplaning everywhere. From the two laps that I did going to the grid it was already clear that we couldn't race in those conditions and it's just a pity that the english weather has stayed with us all day."

Danilo Petrucci:

"Unfortunately, it's a very strange day. I'm really sad to say this but the only option today was to cancel the GP for safety reasons. There was too much water. I feel very sorry for everyone, especially the fans waiting for us today and who paid for the tickets and everything. It's a big disaster. Unfortunately yesterday there was a big accident with Tito. He has a leg broken in multiple parts, but it could be even worse. We don't want to repeat this situation, but I feel very sad not to race."

Johann Zarco:

“The race was canceled after we were waiting a long time today hoping that the rain stops and we have less water on the track. We usually can race when it’s raining and although it was raining all day today, the rain was not very heavy. But with the new asphalt apparently, they did a mistake and it was so slippery with the bumps and there was aquaplaning. The crash on Saturday has been very strange and we could feel that almost every rider was already on the limit on the sighting lap. We took the decision we can not race because there was still too much water. It’s a pity we can’t go out there because we all were ready. But in the end, it’s safer to take this decision.”

Andrea Iannone:

“Finally the Safety Commission decided not to proceed with the race. We have made all the needed evaluation together with the Race Direction, but of course the safety of us, the riders, must be considered as the priority and today the conditions of the track were not safe enough to race. I understand that it is a shame for all our fans, we met a lot of great fans here this weekend and I feel sorry.” 

Dani Pedrosa:

“I think it was obvious that with this weather, the track wasn’t in a proper condition to race today. The Safety Commission agreed that it wasn’t safe enough, and I think it was a right decision. It’s a great shame because racing is what we always prefer to do. And we tried very hard actually, first moving up the start and then later delaying it as long as possible. Of course we’re sorry for the fans who came to see us and waited for us all day, but I’m even sorrier for Tito, who is injured and has a long recovery ahead.”

Takaaki Nakagami:

“Unfortunately the conditions were very bad. We tried to make a race, but finally race direction decided to put safety first and cancel all three races. Of course I’m very disappointed as I wanted to race, but we have to think about safety and I think it was the right decision. Of course, I’m very sorry for the fans and the media, but now we just have to think about the next race in Misano. We’ve already had one day testing there and it went really well, so that will be really important for the team as it’s a home race and hopefully we can make a good result there.”

Alex Rins:

“Unfortunately we couldn't race in the end. The weekend was pretty difficult because of the rain and the asphalt conditions and finally the Safety Commission decide not to race for safety reasons. I had a crash on Saturday and I realised how critical it was to ride in wet conditions here in Silverstone this weekend. I feel very very sorry for all the fans that came here and had to bear the cold temperatures, wind and rain, they were hoping to see us and they were disappointed.” 

Hafizh Syahrin:

“The safety commission decided to cancel the race because there’s just too much water on the track. I can’t say much. We wanted to race, but there’s nothing we can do. It’s a pity with the new asphalt, so I hope they solve this kind of situation. I really wanted to go out and learn on the GP bike in these kind of conditions, but it’s decided and we need to accept. See you next year, Silverstone! Now we just look forward to the next race, trying to improve and learn.”

Xavier Simeon:

“Today was a very strange day. We hoped that the conditions would improve, or at least start a little earlier, but we had very bad luck. In the end all the riders, except one, have made the decision not to race with the track in such dangerous conditions. Especially after what happened yesterday with Tito, which for all of us was a miracle he didn’t sustained much more serious injuries. We’re very sorry for the fans, but it’s not our fault. This is something that was not seen for more than 30 years and, it is a pity, that with the current technology these things happen”.

Álvaro Bautista: 

"The track was in difficult conditions, because it does not drain all the water that has fallen and the water remained stagnant. It was a dangerous situation for everyone because it produced aquaplaning, and we decided that the best we could do was not race. I think we have made the best possible decision."

Karel Abraham: 

"It's a shame not to be able to compete in Silverstone, because it's one of the tracks I like the most, but I think someone did not do a good job in the resurfacing. Anyway, the problem today was that the track did not drain well, which made the circuit very dangerous. It was impossible to ride like that, we saw it in the formation lap, when some riders have almost crashed. I think this was the best decision we could make."

Movistar Yamaha team director Massimo Meregalli:

"This is a unique experience in special conditions. Having a race cancelled is a worst-case scenario and a last resort. However, I think we can all agree that safety of the riders should always come first. It would have been irresponsible to send them out on track today, knowing their concerns regarding aquaplaning. Our hearts go out to the fans that have been patiently waiting and had been looking forward to the British GP. We are also thankful to the marshals and volunteers, who didn‘t abandon their station for several hours whilst we were all waiting for a verdict. We‘re all disappointed, but we respect and agree with this decision. We hope for better weather at the next round in Misano."

Red Bull KTM team manager Mike Leitner

“It was a shame for Bradley to be on the third row of the grid and not have the chance to race. In wet conditions he could have done very well. Also Loris (Baz): he did a great job to just jump on the bike without a test and there was a good connection with the team. It’s a shame but we have to accept the weather conditions and rider safety is first. We’ll look to Misano now.”

Suzuki MotoGP team manager Davide Brivio:

“It’s been a difficult day with very difficult conditions. We feel very sorry for the public who have been waiting all day, and also it’s a shame for the people waiting to watch on TV around the world. It’s sad when we have to cancel a race, and nobody wants that, but here the condition of the circuit was critical and the safety was not at a high enough level. We had a bad accident yesterday with Rabat, and it could have been worse, especially with other riders involved and nobody wants something bad to happen. After three weeks of fantastic weather in England it’s unfortunate to arrive when it rains, and especially at a track where there’s a problem with rain. We have to learn from this experience and situation and try to avoid it happening in the future, for sure we will all be discussing it with the organisers.”