Marc Marquez says his riding style is more akin to Kevin Schwantz, while Andrea Dovizioso is smoother and ‘for sure, like (Wayne) Rainey’.

The recent final lap tussles between the pair and their starkly different riding styles has drawn comparisons to former 500 Grand Prix greats Schwantz and Wayne Rainey, and Marquez is in no doubt who his riding characteristics resemble the most.

Speaking after he edged out Dovizioso at the final corner to win the Thailand MotoGP, Honda rider Marquez said: “Already last year and this year, we already have a great package and it’s nice because always the battles arrive until the last corner. Even though I try to give everything until the last metres, Dovi also give everything until the last metres – this is the good way and always have the respect.

“But we have a different riding style, a different bike and then has a very strong point, I have other strong points, so this create that we are able to play in a good way to try to overtake the other. Today we swapped the styles – I was Dovi and he was Marc, he go in really fast and slightly wide, but he was very close to achieve his goal, which was a kind of block pass. I was able to stop in the last metres and it was exactly the same move as in Austria last year,” he added.

“Maybe (riding style is like) Schwantz because I’m braking more on the limit. But my target is to try to change my style, to try to be like Dovi’s style – smooth and lean a little bit and accelerate, but at the moment it is not possible.”


Ducati’s Dovizioso said the contrast in styles and machinery created the close battles he has been involved in with Marquez over the past two seasons in particular.

“With Marquez, I think this happens because our styles are completely different. The style is one thing and the characteristic of the bike is another story,” he said.

“Both things create this big difference because I think his style is going the same style as Honda, very agile and aggressive. He is able to do that and he is the best to manage that.

“Also he has changed his style a lot during the years in MotoGP, going that way – the bike and his style. My style is a bit more relaxed, but also you have to ride out bike in that way. You can’t ride the Ducati like this and I don’t think I can ride the Honda in the same way,” added Dovizioso.

“I think both create this big difference and the battle becomes good because his approach on the brakes or the line is completely the opposite of mine. We are trying to study and work, and try to be better where he is better, but still there is a big difference in style and the characteristic of the bike.

Asked if his riding style was more like Rainey or Schwantz, he replied: “For sure, Rainey – not Kevin!”