Ahead of this weekend's Japanese MotoGP, Franco Morbidelli, Takaaki Nakagami and Jorge Martin tried their hand at some Sumo wrestling in Tokyo… with predictably amusing results!

First up, after studying the Sumo training schedule and learning some basic moves, was home star Nakagami - newly confirmed as staying in MotoGP with LCR Honda next season - whose efforts were fruitless against an unshakeable professional at the city's Arashio Heya (Sumo House).

Moto3 title leader Martín, who struggled with a hand injury last time in Thailand, then tried his luck - but was easily lifted over the wrestler’s head and taken out of the ring.

That left only Marc VDS MotoGP rider Morbidelli, but once again the 'Rikishi' came out victorious.

With one last effort, the riders joined forces to try and move the solid young Sumo - who took hold of all three riders at once and easily pushed them out of the ring.

“All three of us tried to move the Sumo, we gave everything but it was like trying to move stone," said Morbidelli. "They're so strong and he easily pushed us out of the ring with no effort at all. I am really surprised at how strong they are, it’s incredible."

“It was an amazing experience, I’m Japanese but it’s the first time I’ve ever experienced Sumo,” added Nakagami. “It was interesting because I thought it would be completely different but when I saw how they trained I was surprised and I enjoyed seeing their passion. If I have time I want to visit the Sumo again.”