MotoGP Legend Freddie Spencer is to assume part of the role of Mike Webb by becoming Chairman of the FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel.

Webb is currently both Race Director and Chairman of the panel.

The arrival of Spencer will permit Webb to concentrate exclusively on his function as Race Director and associated tasks within Race Direction.

Spencer meanwhile both debuts as a Steward in 2019 and takes on the new role as Chairman.

The FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel comprises of three people: the Chairman and two other Stewards, both of whom are nominated by the FIM and approved by the permanent bureau.

The FIM Stewards are solely responsible for disciplinary decisions: Rider penalties and adjudication of any protests.

“I appreciate the consideration and respect shown to me in offering me the position as Chairman,” said Spencer, a 27-time grand prix winner and triple world champion. “One of the motivating factors for me in doing all the classic events as well as talk shows, broadcasts and my book is because of my passion for my sport and what it has given me.

“In addition, one of the key factors in deciding to accept this position is my belief in this being an opportunity to be a positive influence and a constructive, resolving voice in issues that will arise; a voice that can impact the reputation of our sport both within it and in the outside world. I have spent the majority of my lifetime developing the skills required for this position.

"I know it is imperative to have the trust and respect of – and the ability to communicate with – the riders, teams, media, and hopefully fans too. Complete objectivity is absolutely essential in order to protect impartiality and to cultivate trust and respect in our decisions.

"The integrity and reputation of the sport has to come first; our sport has reached the heights it has because of the incredible effort everyone has put in to make it such a success.”

Spencer won the 500cc title in 1983, then both the 250cc and 500cc crowns in 1985.