Marc Marquez bizarrely dislocated his shoulder as he celebrated his fifth MotoGP world title following his victory at Motegi in Japan.

The Honda rider was greeted by Britain’s Scott Redding on his slow down lap and the pair embraced, with Marquez soon realising something was amiss.

He explained: “I was very happy and I arrived there, and I didn’t know anything about the celebration. I was out of control, like on the track! No, a joke, but Scott (Redding) stopped and I hugged him and I feel something strange, and dislocated my shoulder.

“I just lay there on the asphalt and my brother and Jose put it in again. It was not the first time; maybe it was my weak point of the season because I dislocated it many times during training at home. In December I need to make a stop with the doctor and for next year it will be perfect.”

'Sorry for the dislocated shoulder," said Redding, who posted the incident on social media.