Dani Pedrosa has been made an official MotoGP Legend, on the eve of his final grand prix appearance in Valencia.

Pedrosa has been a Honda rider since his 125cc grand prix debut, in 2001.

After winning 125cc (2003) and 250cc titles (2004, 2005), the Spaniard joined MotoGP with Repsol Honda in 2006.

Pedrosa has claimed 31 victories but also been frequently injured, contributing to the unwelcome statistic of most successful rider never to win the premier-class title.

Pedrosa and Honda: Over after 18 years

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Instead, Pedrosa - who at 160cm and 51kg is the smallest rider on the grid - finished championship runner-up in 2007, 2010 and 2012.

While addressing the media during a press conference to present him with his official MotoGP Legend status, Pedrosa admitted mixed emotions preparing for his final race.

“It is a very emotional moment and you never really expect this moment to arrive when you are a kid fighting for your dreams,” Pedrosa said. “Now to be here it is a bit strange. I am happy because I felt a lot of support from all the fans and I felt a lot of support from all of the paddock and I am really happy about this moment seeing my rivals across my life.

“I feel that MotoGP has given me a lot of things in my life as I grew up here and I’ve learnt a lot of things in my life thanks to MotoGP. I am very happy that I could give something to MotoGP. When I started it was a new generation that followed winning races and winning championships, not only me but the riders in front of me.

“This is good for me as it is a nice feeling to know we opened the style and a door for the new generation.”

One of Pedrosa's remaining targets will be to extend his record of at least one race win a season, since 2002.

His best result so far this year is a fifth place in France, Catalunya, Aragon and Sepang, having recovered from a wrist fracture at round two in Argentina.

Pedrosa has been team-mate to Marc Marquez since 2013.

Pedrosa will remain part of the MotoGP world as he becomes KTM test rider from next season.


Dani Pedrosa - Career Summary:

2018: MotoGP, 0 wins, 11th in championship*

2017: MotoGP, 2 wins, 4th in championship

2016: MotoGP, 1 win, 6th in championship

2015: MotoGP, 2 wins, 4th in championship

2014: MotoGP, 1 win, 4th in championship

2013: MotoGP, 3 wins, 3rd in championship

2012: MotoGP, 7 wins, 2nd in championship

2011: MotoGP, 3 wins, 4th in championship

2010: MotoGP, 4 wins, 2nd in championship

2009: MotoGP, 2 wins, 3rd in championship

2008: MotoGP, 2 wins, 3rd in championship

2007: MotoGP, 2 wins, 2nd in championship

2006: MotoGP, 2 wins, 5th in championship

2005: 250cc, 8 wins, 1st in championship

2004: 250cc, 7 wins, 1st in championship

2003: 125cc, 5 wins, 1st in championship

2002: 125cc, 3 wins, 3rd in championship

2001: 125cc, 0 wins, 8th in championship

* As of Sepang.



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