Dani Pedrosa feels confident he was able to rediscover a rhythm and feeling with his Repsol Honda in wet conditions during Friday practice in Valencia ahead of his final MotoGP race before retiring.

The Spanish rider went through an emotional pre-event Thursday after being inducted into the MotoGP Hall of Frame in Valencia but enjoyed a strong FP1 to take fifth place on the combined times.

Pedrosa and Honda: Over after 18 years

Pedrosa has frequently struggled in wet conditions since the switch to Michelin tyres in MotoGP, often unable to generate the required heat in the rear tyre to reach its optimum operating window, but was upbeat following a solid showing in FP1.

“In the morning when the track as a little more stable during the session it was good to find the rhythm and I was able to feel well,” Pedrosa said.

“Then in the afternoon it was raining a lot more and I didn’t run many laps, only two or three laps, and then I had a problem so I stopped. Then at the end every time it was raining more and more so I decided not to go out because you cannot improve the times.”

Pedrosa remains keen in waiting to assess conditions ahead of Sunday’s race, his final in MotoGP, with the weather forecast remaining wet and feels the choice between the two Michelin wet tyres will be vital.

“Looking at Sunday I think it is important to see what is the level of the water on track,” he said. “Today the conditions were tough especially in the morning but in the afternoon there were a lot of rivers.

“I think it is going to be important to choose the tyre because I think the hard is a bit on the hard side, some riders tested it too and said. But it will depend on the level or water as we can see sometimes it is raining hard and sometimes not. Then the track changes a lot.”

Pedrosa will contest his final MotoGP race this weekend before retiring after 17 season of Grand Prix racing. The Spaniard will become KTM's factory test rider in 2019.