Cal Crutchlow believes there will be little change in approach of the leading MotoGP riders in Sunday’s race, despite concerns about falling temperatures.

The Englishman showed impressive speed throughout Saturday, qualifying for the Q2 shootout, via a fastest time in Q1, before posting the sixth quickest time of the evening.

And even though riders were told there would be no change in the start time of 8pm after a number of crashes on Saturday night, Crutchlow predicted there will be no change of track from those fighting at the front.

“We’ll all push and we’ll be absolutely on the limit. The lap-times wont be any slower. Marc made that lap-time yesterday because the conditions were absolutely prime.

“The track temperature was good and nobody particularly crashed and he had the best tow in the world. The lap-time today were a little bit slower but the track conditions were a lot worse. It still shows how much we can push and we will. We won’t start doing 57s because the track is not in good condition.

“The slower you go – half the time – the worse it is. You lose heat in the tyres, you lose the pressure. A race of survival: it will be. I think there will be people making mistakes and not finishing and others will pick up good points from it.

“What you people and what everyone wants to see is that every lap every rider is completely on the limit. Sometimes that is not possible. I think from a perspective of journalists, fans etc you will still see a good race and people pushing and trying their best.

“We’ve been spoilt over the last three years with how good the racing is and how much we can push the bikes. Hopefully tomorrow’s conditions don't change that.

“We don't make the rules. If you go and ask Jorge his thoughts on the situation as well then I think we have been quite strong with them in regards to what we want but at the end of the day we cannot change it and we cannot do anything.

“What can we do? Like I said yesterday if we all sat down and said ‘we’re not racing’ there will always be three people who will because they’ll be on the podium: that’s the way it is. If one guy goes out of pit-lane the rest will go out of pit-lane.

“I don't think the conditions are good enough at eight o’clock: sure. But I don't make the rules. I think it can be dangerous as you saw and tomorrow is supposed to be colder than today. Like I said to Carmelo, it is the same for everyone.”

Can he fight for the top five? “I’d like to think so but the pace is going to be hot. It will be a very hard race at the start. I think there is ten riders that will be in a group like last year. If not more.

“I think after five laps we’ll start hammering-in the times if I’m honest. Normally you can – not predict – but understand these races and know what is going to be a battle or who is going to ride away.

“Tomorrow I have no idea! Honestly! Which is good because it means it’s going to be a bit of a lottery and it’s entertaining. We like to be able to predict the races.”



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