Jack Miller has admitted he was caught completely off guard on Thursday by the news that certain figures at Ducati were entertaining the idea of re-hiring Jorge Lorenzo but is “100 percent” sure he won’t be left without a ride.

The Australian struggled to contain his emotions when discussing his Thursday experience when he understood one reason why he has yet to receive a contract extension from Ducati.

Despite being taken aback by the news, Miller assured journalists that he has received assurances from Pramac Ducati team owner Paolo Campinoti, who is due to arrive at the Red Bull Ring on Sunday.

According to Miller, the experience has been serving as an added motivation as he seeks to score a second MotoGP podium in just over a week.

“It’s easy to feel, for sure. We’re getting comfortable as I say and I think we’re doing a good enough job. Clearly some people are thinking I haven’t so I guess I have to do a better job.

“It hit me like a tonne of bricks. I found out yesterday. Some other people found out earlier. I didn’t need to know last weekend, obviously. But anyway I’m not stressed.

“Like I said yesterday in the press conference Paolo is on his way here on Sunday. Campinoti, I’m talking about. I don’t think he’ll allow Jorge in this box. That makes me happy.

“I’m just trying my best to put it all to bed and get that contract in my pocket. I’m not too stressed. I’ve done a good enough job this year to secure a contract for next year. Whether that will be with Ducati or another manufacturer…

“Even after the press conference yesterday I was getting calls from other manufacturers so there are definitely stuff on the cards for me. There are other options. But I’d like to stay here for sure.”

Miller posted the fifth fastest time of the day and ended FP2 as the fastest Ducati.

“It’s nice but I actually wanted to go top of the timesheets because that would’ve been funnier. But the soft didn’t really give me what I wanted but we were close enough. I felt good.

“I put in some long runs on pretty much all the tyres. I did my lap time on the hard this morning. I did nine laps on it. It didn’t quite have the same feedback as the medium. The medium was a bit more consistent on the rear.

“We’re just out here doing our job like we do every week. It’s just extra motivation.

“If you looked at the speed trap this morning it was all Hondas that were posting the top speeds. We’re doing a good job. All the Ducatis are riding well. We should be able to give the fans a good show.

“The secret is, and I’ve been trying to manage it all day, is to not out-brake myself. With other bikes around it’s easy to get a shake up, going 350kph up to the top corner.

“It’s not a nice feeling going through the chicane with other bikes around. It’s difficult to stay consistent and get the braking metres.”



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