Maverick Viñales refused to be downbeat when assessing last weekend’s race at Phillip Island by insisting the grand prix as a whole was “good for confidence,” proving what the can do “if we work in the correct way.”

While it may have been a slight stretch for Viñales to optimistically state his crash out of a last lap fight with rival Marc Marquez in Australia “felt like a victory,” the 24-year old’s speed in all conditions was a positive for the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix.

“I took it in a way that was very good for my confidence,” said Viñales. “I felt great all weekend in tricky conditions and good conditions. It was a weekend where I feel I made a step for myself and I felt very motivated. We can do a good job if we work in the correct way.

“Actually the mistake was totally mine. I cannot say anything more. I was giving my best and putting the bike on the limit every lap and when that happens then…

“I tried and it is something I learned for next year for Phillip Island. For sure it was a shame because it was twenty points but the way we did the race feels like a victory. We had the chance to win.

“I had the opportunity to win. There were many races where I was third, 0.8 [away] without the opportunity to win and I was very pissed off.

“So in that race I had the opportunity and I took it. If I fell down trying to win then I felt the same: that was the important point. If I didn’t try it then it would have felt like other races.”

Does that mean he will take more risks in the future? “Of course it depends where you are in the championship and the situation. We had nothing to lose because the championship was already done.

“If you are battling for a championship then you need to be smart: first is first you know! But if there is nothing to lose then for sure you have to risk everything.”

Does achieving third place in the championship seem like a realistic goal for the final two races? “Being in third place in the championship will be a trophy because we made many mistakes during the year and we’ve been knocked out three times. To have the chance to be third for sure is a trophy.

“If we had the opportunity we will take it for sure but it is not something I am thinking about a lot; I am thinking about taking the maximum for what we are missing for next year.

“We have a big opportunity to work in the right way and to fight from the first race. For me and my head it is about taking out the maximum very day on the bike.”

Sepang and its two considerable straights presents its own challenges for Viñales and Yamaha’s underpowered M1. But the Catalan said, “I’m not too worried about that. Thailand was also a difficult track with stop-and-go and since then we have been good in hot conditions.

“Here in the test we were very strong, especially with rhythm. So my target is to be on the first row and then to start P1-P2 in the first corner. If we accomplish that then I think we are doing well.”