The current MotoGP season may have been a miserable one for Jorge Lorenzo, who announced his retirement at Valencia on Thursday.

But with 68 grand prix victories and five world championships, his career highlights definitely outnumber the lows.

"It's very difficult to chose one, because luckily I've lived a lot of very good moments," Lorenzo said at his retirement press conference.

"But if I had to chose one, it would be Malaysia 2010," he declared, referring to his first MotoGP title victory, "because I achieved the most important title that any rider in the world can achieve.

"This gave me a lot of freedom, a lot of satisfaction, and I was free, professionally."

Casting the net wider to include a top-five moments, Lorenzo added other career milestones, plus his incredible weekend at Assen 2013.

Lorenzo broke his collarbone in Thursday practice for the Dutch TT, had a plate inserted during surgery in Barcelona in the early hours of Friday, then flew back and rode to fifth place in the Saturday race!

"My top five [moments] would be my first [125cc] victory in Brazil 2003, my first [250cc] world title in Valencia 2006, then obviously the first MotoGP title [2010].

"I would put also Assen 2013, because I did something incredible that shows how the mind can push the body to the limits.

"And then probably my last world title, here at Valencia in 2015."

The 2015 title victory, over team-mate Valentino Rossi at the season finale, was also the only year to date in which Marc Marquez has been defeated in the premier-class.

After delving into the past, Lorenzo was asked to glance into his future.

"Well, I always said that life is not only about bikes," he replied. "There are many things to do in life. We all work in this sport, but billions of people are working in other things!

" I have some passions, but I didn't think too much yet. I would like to do some long vacations this winter, somewhere sunny with beaches, and then I'll start planning my next chapter."

Lorenzo's final MotoGP weekend will begin at Valencia on Friday morning.