If the other Honda MotoGP riders hoped Marc Marquez might push for an easier handling bike for the 2020 season, they probably shouldn't hold their breath.

"If you have an easier bike, it will help all the Honda riders, but my target is to have the fastest bike," Marquez said at the end of this week's Valencia test, where he spent two days working on next year's prototype RC213V.

"It doesn't matter if it's difficult or not, what I want is to try to win. It doesn't matter if I need to push more or less on the riding.

"But of course we are trying to work on the chassis area, to try to be easier on competitive lap times."

Marquez swept to his sixth MotoGP crown with twelve victories and 18 podiums - almost single-handedly winning the riders', teams' and constructors' titles for HRC, as the only Honda rider in the world championship top eight.

trying to close the top speed gap to Honda and Ducati.

Marc's younger brother and 2020 team-mate Alex finished the test 20th (+2.386s) out of the 22 riders.

"I rode with him for just one run," Marc said. "I caught him, I stayed one lap behind him, and he's riding not so bad. At the moment, struggling where is the most difficult point with Honda bikes, which is the last part of the brakes.

"It's there that I crashed many times, where Cal crashed many times, which is the most critical point. It takes time of course, but apart from that, he worked in one way, we worked in another way to prepare the 2020 season."

Marc and Alex are expected to share the same pit box for the first time as Repsol Honda riders, next week at Jerez.