Brad Binder furthered his experience aboard MotoGP machinery during two “relaxed, chilled” days at Jerez, but still feels he is “nowhere near” the limit of KTM’s RC16.

The South African ended the test with the 22nd fastest time, 2.8s back of pace setter Maverick Viñales and believes he now has “a lot to think about” regarding the riding style changes necessary for 2020.

“It was good,” said Binder on Tuesday. “I only managed twelve laps this morning in the dry, so I didn't really get too many laps in. after that we decided to do a couple of exits when it was a little bit wet just to get the feeling of the new bike in the wet and that was really awesome.

“I'm glad I got a chance to experience that now. Better now than for the first time in a qualifying or race next year. So it was good to get a taste of the MotoGP bike in the wet, but all-in-all I'm quite happy.

“It's been difficult these last two tests for sure. It hasn’t been easy to adapt to the new bike but I think I've got a lot to think about now in the off-season and hopefully we can try to make a step in Sepang.

“I think I just need to improve my riding right now. Just my feeling with the front a little bit and just being able to really have confidence to put the bike where I want to, especially on the entry to corners. And I think once I get that right the rest will fall into place.”

Does he feel any closer to the limit? “I think I'm nowhere near at the point where I can say that's maybe the limit,” he smiled. “So i think at the minute I've got a lot of leeway. I've got a lot of places I can improve and I'm looking forward to getting started in Sepang so I think it's going to be a long off-season.

“This test was a lot more relaxed [than Valencia]. I think that I already had the taste of a MotoGP bike and things were just a lot more chilled for me. I kind of knew what to expect.

“But saying that around this track it's an absolute beast! It's amazing how when you add so much horsepower and speed, how small a track can feel. But it was cool, it was nice.

“I feel like I've been doing a better job. Especially this test. It doesn't show in the lap times but I feel more comfortable. Also I was better from lap to lap, the rhythm was a bit better. But in general there is such a long way to go and I'm just waiting for something to click.”

On his experiences aboard a MotoGP machine in wet conditions, Binder said, “MotoGP is way nicer. Surprisingly enough. I suppose you’ve just got the traction control, it's like a buffer so it makes life a lot easier.

"You feel the conditions a lot more. And the tyres are next level. It's incredible the amount of lean angle you use and just the grip is crazy.”



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