Casey Stoner is auctioning a set of MotoGP race leathers he won to victory at the 2010 Aragon Grand Prix to help raise funds for the Australian bushfire crisis.

Following Jack Miller’s $18,000 AUS fundraiser from a 2018 race helmet auction, Stoner has joined his fellow Australian rider by offering up a set of his race-winning leathers. Stoner wore the Ducati-branded leathers when he won the inaugural Aragon Grand Prix back in 2010.

“It’s been difficult watching the bushfires at home while on holidays in the US,” said Stoner. “It has however been heart-warming being overseas at this time and seeing the international support being given to our country during this terrible devastation.

“I am saddened by all the lives that have been impacted and the terrible impact upon our land and its animals. Spending much of my younger years in rural communities I am closely connected to our land and I feel this deeply.

“Therefore, for the first time, I would like to make available one of my winning Ducati racing suits for auction to assist in raising funds for the bushfire relief efforts. We will remain strong through this time because we are Australian and that’s what we do.”

The race suit will be the first set released to the public from his private collection and will come with an autographed certificate of authenticity from Alpinestars. All proceeds raised in the auction will go to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

Follow this link to take part in the Stoner race leather auction which ends on January 24 at 08:00 (GMT).