"The idea was to communicate something through the graphic on the helmet. So a special helmet for the Italian GP, for Mugello and then for Misano too, but also for the world title wins" so says MotoGP star Valentino Rossi, as he introduces some of the designs from his private collection.

"There have also been special liveries, during the Fiat years for example, like the Abarth one at Phillip Island, where we also had a special Aborigine helmet. Or for 50 years of Yamaha in 2005, where we did a yellow version of the bikes for Laguna Seca and white for Valencia recalling the historic Yamaha graphics of the '70s-'80s with Baker, Kenny Roberts."

In the Dainese video, Rossi picks out some of his most important helmets, including the first of the now-famous 'sun and moon' designs by Aldo Drudi for his 1996 world championship debut, plus the "most successful and beautiful" version of the 'SoleLuna' from 2003-2005.

The Doctor also talks through a few of his title-winning designs, revealing the 2004 'Che spettacolo' idea came from a dream, telling Drudi: "I saw it clearly, we have to do it!"

Then there is the "old chicken makes great soup!" 2009 championship helmet, inspired by turning 30: "I was already old back then, so what about now!"

Rossi then introduces some of the helmets in his collection from F1 and NASCAR competitors, plus those given to him by Motorcycle Grand Prix rivals.

Unusually, Rossi also has a section dedicated to his racing gloves; "you need sensitivity and comfort, almost like playing the piano, so they need to be protective but soft" and finally talks through his range of knee sliders.

Sliders used in practice are often given away to charity but Rossi writes the track, year and sometimes result on those he uses for races.

The full video can be seen below: