Like the rest of the MotoGP paddock, Jack Miller finds himself stuck in limbo at the moment.

Writing in a blog on his personal website, the Australian said he is doing his best to stay in top shape for the opening race but there's presently no way to know when or where that will be.

The Pramac Ducati rider had been informed that the opening Qatar round was cancelled the day before he was planning to leave his home in Andorra.

Soon realising the following Thai and US events would also be impossible due to the growing coronavirus restrictions "and considering it was cold and snowing in Andorra", Miller decided to head back to Australia.

"I was back at mum and dad's place before Moto2 and Moto3 happened in Qatar," he wrote. "The last few weeks are actually the most time I've spent in Australia for about 10 years, and the one plus in all of this is that it's really nice to be home."

However, riding for an Italian team and manufacturer, Miller is naturally concerned by the situation in Italy.

"I've spoken to (Pramac team boss) Paulo Campinoti and my crew chief to make sure they're all OK. Italy has been one of the hardest countries hit by all of this so it's hard not to think of the team, I really feel for those guys."

While most of Europe remains in lockdown, Miller is at least able to get outside and train in Australia, including some motocross racing. But the lack of a 'target date' plays on his mind.

"I'm not going to lie, it does test your motivation levels when you don't have a specific time or date to aim towards," Miller wrote. " You spend the winter getting fit, getting ready, you've done testing and then it all just stops. It feels like you're stuck in purgatory.

"My whole life is dictated to by dates, you go to a race this week, travel the next week, test some other week … now, you don't really know and there's no way to know. It could be Catalunya [June 7], it could be Assen [June 28] … who knows?

"My training program hasn't changed – I'm still cycling and I'm still running, and I've made a point of getting up early in the mornings and getting into it. Easy up here because it's warm too, that definitely helps...

"I'll race some motocross, do what I can to keep racing because that's what you're desperate to do when you're not allowed to do your real job, let's say."

Miller, who was fifth fastest and the top Ducati rider in the final pre-season test, also sympathises with fans that are missing MotoGP and sport in general.

"You don't realise how much you rely on sport as an escape, something to get passionate about, how much you take it for granted until it's not there. Believe me, I know.

"It sucks, but we'll be back."

The 25-year-old finished a best-yet eighth in last year's MotoGP standings, with five podiums, and is seen as a strong contender for an official Ducati Team ride in 2021.