While new team-mate Tetsuta Nagashima celebrated a shock victory on his Ajo debut, Jorge Martin was one of several pre-race favourites to suffer front tyre issues and dropped all the way from 2nd to 20th by the flag.

"Pre-season went pretty well. At the Qatar test I finished second [and] later at the Grand Prix we did a good job - but in the race we had a problem with the front tyre. However, we are ready to win," Martin declared.

The coronavirus pandemic has left the Andorra-based Spaniard with plenty of time to mull over that opening race disappointment, although he's trying to spend his lockdown time constructively by creating an improvised gym and studying nutrition.

“It’s a bit tough for me. Normally, my training routine includes doing a lot of sport outdoors," Martin admitted. "I really like going out and I don't usually spend time at home, so my house is also quite small.

"It’s a tough situation for everyone but we have to heed the recommendations if we want to win this battle.

"I’m currently in Andorra where, as of this week, they are allowing us to go out onto the streets at certain times and to exercise. This makes things much more bearable."

He added: “I play sports every day in the afternoon for approximately two hours. I don't have a lot of [gym] equipment at home, so I use water jugs or weighted backpacks that help me practice functional resistance training. I am doing well and I feel fit.

"In the mornings I have started to study nutrition, because I consider that for an athlete it is very important to know what to eat and why. I also distract myself by watching series, until the afternoon comes and I start training. Setting this schedule and following it daily has been very important for me.”

Another welcome distraction has been the MotoGP virtual races.

“Yes, I have seen them and they are very entertaining. They make Sundays more enjoyable - although the desire to get on the bike is still there," he said.

Sending his support to those also in lockdown or performing essential jobs, Martin added: "Hopefully all this will end soon, with the minimum possible negative consequences."



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