Six weeks after the season-opening Qatar Grand Prix, the final batch of MotoGP freight returned to Europe today (Wednesday).

With the coronavirus closing in, the premier-class was unable to race at Losail, but their equipment was already waiting at the circuit following the final pre-season test.

Nonetheless, 'a normal timetable was maintained upon completion of the Qatar GP' with 'all material put on pallets and ready to fly to its next destination within a regular timeframe'.

However, it soon became clear that the following rounds would also be disrupted, prompting the freight to be placed in storage at Doha airport to await developments.

Qatar Airways provided a secure, climate-controlled space at Hamad International Airport until it became clear that the best course of action was to repatriate the freight to Spain.

That required scheduling a total of five flights, along a route 'in extremely high demand'.

The first flights - on April 1, 8 and 10 - all landed in Zaragoza, followed by a flight to Barcelona on April 12 with the last flight arriving in Zaragoza today (Wednesday, April 22).

'Once each plane load of material was back in Europe, it was transferred to a secure storage facility in Catalonia on arrival. Some of it will be kept in storage awaiting the next Grand Prix, including much of Dorna’s equipment, whilst much will now be returned to those who have requested it be transferred to their own facilities for storage,' said a Dorna statement.

'Once the date and location of the next Grand Prix are confirmed, Dorna Sports and logistics partner DHL will resume normal service to continue transporting MotoGP around the world.'

Officially, the German Grand Prix on June 21 is currently due to host the first MotoGP round of the season, but August is seen as a more realistic start date.



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